Police Brutality in Mauritius

I've been doing lots of research about this. Most of the time this is what I got: "CONFIDENTIAL". Everywhere it's being told the Police stops the media of disclosing these things. Is our National Police so afraid? No need to say that many policeman are convicted. They sometimes commit crimes so awful that you wonder how they even joined the forces. Perhaps they phone ministers or deputies. Well, how they entered is not our main concern today. Let's look at cases of brutalities that I found. Bear in mind that not all policemen are like this.. Some devoted policemen protect the public and it's by their duty that we may sleep without fearing for danger...most of the time.


- In the murder case of Michaela Harte, accused Treebhoowoon alleged during the trial that he was tortured into confessing to the murder. He was asked to remove his clothes, was held down on a table and was hit on his heels with a wire. He was subject to numerous beatings, grabbed in the groin, whipped on the soles of his feet with a pipe, hit on the head with a plastic bottle and stripped naked and held down on a table while his head was plunged into a bucket of water. At one stage he vomited blood, he claimed.

- Bus Conductor beaten. The bus driver missed the signal given by the police officer. The police officer talked in a vulgar way to the driver then. The bus conductor asked the police officer to show him where to move the bus to in this traffic jam. The latter's ego was surely hurt because he entered the bus and beat the conductor. Despite protestations from the passengers, the police officer dragged the conductor outside and kept beating him.

- Murder suspect Rajesh Ramlogun on Jan. 14 2006. Two independent inquiries have shown he was tortured by officers from the Mauritius police force.

Furthermore, let's see deaths which occurred in Police Custody

1. RAMDHANY, Anand Kumar (2011)
2. COUREUR, Jean-Philippe (2009)
3. BOTTE, Mike (2009)
4. B. (23.11.08 NHRC report)
5. GUNGAH Imteaz (2008)
6. RAMJEEAWON, Ajay (2008)
7. B. (17.5.07 NHRC Report).
6. RAMLUGON, Rajesh (2006)
9. JEEBODH, Rangit (2005)
10. EDMOND, Georgy (28.10.2005)
11. BABOORAM, Steve (4.7.04)
12. MOOKEN, Richard (2004)
13. E.M. (16.1.03 NHRC report)
14. DAVID, Jean Clifford (2002)
15. J.M.E (1.09.02 NHRC Report)
16. BAYARAM, Josian Kirsley (2001)
17. NANCY, Vijay (2001)
18. MUTHY, Yousouf Mohamad Nadim (2001)
19. DUMAZEL, Lorlene (2001)
20. ARMAND, Louis Rosario (2001)
21. JUGGERNATH, Ganeshlall Horil (2000)
22. TOPIZE, Reginald (Kaya) (1999)
23. JACQUOTTE, Clency (1999)
24. BOZELLE, Marc Clifford (1999)
25. SEEKUNDAR, Afzal (1998)
26. GAUD, Philippe Hervé (1998)
27. RAMLOLL, Jay Kissoon (1998)
28. RAGHOONUNDUN, Premlall (1998)
29. ARMOOGUM, Cyril (1998)
30. REHAUT, Yvon Regis (1996)
31. RAMDEWAR, Angoo (1996)
32. ROODAYE, Abdool Rohmun (1995)
33. SHAM, Laval (1995)
34. TORUL, Mahendranath (1995)
35. NANACK, Saoud (1994)
36. TRAVAILLEUR, Steve Desire (1994)
37. FIDELE, Laval (1994)
38. UKHOY, Pardooman (1994)
39. CYPRIEN, Laval (1994)
40. LALLOUETTE, Lindsay (1993)
41. LABROSSE, Eddie (1993)
42. BHOYROO, Dahianand (1993)
43. MUNGUR, Anath (1992)
44. CODABUX Ahmad Nooranee (1991)
45. DAMREE, Naushad Ally (1991)
46. GANGIAH, Serge Eddy (1991)
47. XAVIER, Elville (1991)
48. EMAMBOCUS, Anwar Mohammad (1990)
49. Unnamed man died in police cells at Souillac (1990)
50. DAWAKING, Kishna (1990)
51. Un-named man dies in police cells at Plaine Verte (1990)
52. Unnamed man found dead in police cells in Quatre Bornes. (1990 or 1991)
53. RENEL, Joseph (1990)
54. NOYAU, Denis (1989)
55. MOORGHEN, Siven (1987)
56. VICTORINE, Serge Louis (1979) 

(This list is the courtesy of http://www.lalitmauritius.org)

Now judge for yourself, if Human Rights are respected. 


  1. Is this post true?

    where you got the facts and figures?

    1. I have put the source at the end of the list. And it is true.

  2. presque tu chretien, rasta ou creole, c comsi pu prove la haine contre sa ban rass la et resolution come 17 ans prison pour sa ban policier pa tander sa ou bien pa exister mem dan sa pays la - la vie dimoune bien misere sa veau que 1% envers ban policier acoz sa mem zot mort miserable dan zot vieux zour parski la lois et lautoriter pa guide ban jeune policier vers la modernisation professionel.

  3. You should the things that happen in the U.S., it makes police conduct in Mauritius pale on comparison.


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