Gays and Lesbians including Mauritius

Gay  - Nowadays it's being used to describe people of the same sex having an intercourse. 
Before constructing a blind faith opinion, here are some facts:

The basis of being gay is to have sex with the same sex. Not for procreation. Only for pleasure of the senses. If you are an atheists you will surely support the gays. If you are spiritual, say also a believer in scriptures, you will view gays as germs.

Some argue lower animals have sex with same sex. So why shouldn't they have it? It's natural. At least for them. They should perhaps be put in the same conditions as those animals. Comparing humans with animals tells you their state of mind.

Others argue it harms none to be gay. First of all, it harms themselves. Being under the control of their senses they will never reach the end of the road. Secondly, children, who are easily influenced, will probably turn gay. Just like meat eating has gradually become a normal behaviour, being gay will be normal.

Currently in Mauritius, same sex intercourse is illegal. I really hope the government will not crush under the pressure of some gays and make it legal.

However, the government closes its eyes on this topic completely. As if it's telling people unofficially that "go on and have a sodomy". Section 250 of the Mauritius Criminal Code of 1838, "Any person who is guilty of the crime of sodomy ... shall be liable to penal servitude for a term not exceeding 5 years."
With such a code existing, why aren't gays arrested during parades? Should the police catch them red handed? Aren't they supporting an illegal thing here? But this doesn't surprise me in a country where cannabis sativa is illegal and tobacco is legal.

Now what about the lesbians? They can't have sodomy! It's not illegal for them to have same sex activity. Had the government taken into consideration only the medical aspect of gays vs lesbians? Apparently yes. AIDS play a major role here.

Mauritius has its own gay page on Facebook.

I'm tired of the crap of "Each person is free to choose their way of life"...

I've noticed on the internet some people have put some evidence that gay marriage was a common thing in the past and was perfectly normal. They can put this evidence where they have sodomy. To add on some more crap, they put religion in it. Let me remind you that, whatever the religion describing a human's way of life following God awareness, each has forbidden to let the senses being in control. And you can't allow a union just for sensual gratification and at the same time restrict it. Conclusion: these evidences were false just like books of the vama margis.


  1. I disagree since I also believe that gay persons have their right to live their own life. Our legal system might forbit sodomy and this is not going to change, at least not so soon because the subject is a big taboo and also, great impact on religious beliefs.

    If there are 2 guys holding each others hand in society, I can't see how they are going to affect me. I previously wrote on this topic, you might want to read it:

    1. Being for gays, would you accept your son being one of them one day?

  2. You are tackling the question wrongly.
    I believe that it is more about the up-bringing of your kid as from the young age. But even if with your guidance as a parent, the kid shows his/her sexual preference. I guess that you will need to respect his/her decision or leave him/her live his/her own life.


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