In the coming years you'll be as Mauritian as an African in Mauritius

Mauritians go abroad to work. For instance in the UK. You get a very bad salary there. But compared to our rupee it's really a treasure! If you've found UK is good for you, you invite your parents to stay for their whole life there. They get their pensions and so on.

To a native African, Mauritius is like UK. Do small jobs, get big salary as compared to their country. Mauritians no more want to do small jobs. And they are right in a way. The Africans will fill in these positions, bring their families here and settle and get pensions.

But why is this possible and how is the government to be blamed?
If you look at a map you'll see Reunion Island is closer to Africa than we are. And we are called Mauritian Africans. Even though our ancestors were mostly of Asia. Our father of the nation decided that we should be part of Africa in order to benefit the population. For nearly 50 years we have been profiting of being part of Africa. So, it's time to pay them back. Even if the present government is trying hard to put a brake to this, it will eventually happen.

The generation of primary class students will be in greater unemployment than is today. The solution will be to go offshore and work (and by the same time become a pest to other countries). The good part of this is that native Mauritians will at last realise that they need to be in peace and union to prosper. Caste system, religion will disappear, giving birth to real Mauritians.


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