Third Eye, Reiki, Pranic and your powers

Forget all the rumors you've heard about the third eye. Empty your glass.

We have 2 eyes which make us see consciously. The 3rd eye, you possess it. I'm going to tell you my experience. Sit back and feel ready to be open to the universe's logic.

I had the desire to explore myself, discover what can this mind achieve. Mysteries surrounded me just like you at this moment. I heard about the power of healing, Reiki (life-force). Tried its first level. It awakened that which I already had in me.

Reading someone's thoughts. Telling exactly what a person will say. Knowing beforehand who will call you and at what time and to say what. Knowing when someone is in trouble and what trouble this person has. Being able to empathise with each and every creature. Predicting events. Healing people. Making people fall for you. Well...this was the effect of Reiki on my third eye. Reiki didn't only open my third eye but also make me attune to the waves coming to my receptor. Right now, waves are entering your receptor site in your brain, but your translator is sleeping.
Reiki awakens your power to heal yourself and others. Cleaning and healing the aura and chakras gives you tremendous powers.

Reiki power, third eye power, cannot work for non-vegetarian persons. If you do Reiki while being veg, then you eat meat, your powers will just fade away, It's all a matter of energy.

Some tips before attempting Reiki:
Have a month free for yourself. December is good. I got attuned in December.
DO NOT go to a master who gives you a 2 or 3 days course and gives you a certificate. This is a money-wise person. GO TO  a master who will give you 2 days course + train you how to heal yourself for 21 consecutive days and then gives you your certificate. There are many fraudulent persons nowadays.

Pranic healing is something I never did. But, 2 times 2 different persons tried it on me. This is divine knowledge according to me. Let me tell you why.

Having no knowledge of Pranic healing, I was given the opportunity to being healed. I accepted. I sat on a chair. A bowl of salt water in front of me. I thought, what the heck is this? Longanist? Closed my eyes and the healing started. I decided to adopt the Buddha eye position or if you prefer, the Shiva eye position. Look for a picture of the Buddha and notice how the eyes are, like a door not properly closed.

So, having adopted the Buddha eye position, I was astonished and a feeling of fear took me. I saw a very fast and continuous black coil moving in the direction of the saltwater bowl. This was the first time I was seeing this and didn't know what it was. It was here until the healing was over. I related to the healer what the heck I had seen! He was surprised. He told me this was black energy coming out from my aura. There has been many theories about this but he never saw this. Other healers can while some need practice to see it. I was given the title of 'clairvoyant'. Well, I'm happy about that.

Being a very meticulous and suspicious person, I decided to do another healing, after a month, with another person who is a master. She made me sit on a chair with the same scenario: a saltwater bowl in front of me. Closed my eyes. Healing started. After some moments, I got very disturbed. Took the Buddha eye position. Damn I was seeing this black energy again! The only difference was that, I was continuously feeling an intense heat (I was in the shade). I felt an ocean of black or negative energy doing a tsunami inside of me. It was exiting my body or aura. It didn't want to leave. I could feel its evilness. My fist clenched, I wanted to open my eyes and beat everyone, break everything. I kept sustaining the pain, the anger, the negativity until I calmed down.

During the healing process, I kept seeing a rapid blinking of white light where the third eye is supposed to be, in between the eyes. I couldn't control it.

I related everything to the healers. They told me people normally feel calm. But I was in an intense turmoil. The conclusion was that the negative energies I had were gone.

One day, you will experience what I have been through. This is only the beginning. We all will be liberated, be one while having our own consciousness, and achieve immortality.



  1. I am on a spiritual journey and every once in a while I come across a new form of healing therapy (I feel like they come to me whenever I am ready for them) and today it is Pranic healing. I am eager to learn more and your experience seems relevant enough for me. Do you have any recommendations for a Pranic healer?

  2. Hi Dona. I recommend the one at Bonne Terre.

  3. Great article..I am interested to have my third eye opened but i dont find the expected result. I wish to get more details on the steps to follow for third eye opening. May I know the name of the person who published this article so that i can seek guidance. thanks


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