My Childhood video games

Three Eyes Boy - Mitsume Ga Tooru: Play as a hero who's girlfriend has been kidnapped by a villain. You have powers, shops, an arc that can make you jump higher.

Load Runner - You need to get the load of sands and trap your enemies in holes. You can even build your own stage!

Mighty Jack! You're a small boy who needs to evade all sorts of little enemies, sometimes flying. You have bonus stages. You can fly in this game.

Excite Bike! Take control of a fun motorcycle and jump through the stages. There's an option to build your own track.

Wild Gunman. Play with your gun. Simple concept: Wait for the game to tell you when to fire. Fire too early you lose. Fire too late you die!

Contra! Playing this in 2 player mode is damn great. Aliens have invaded the planet. Your mission is to destroy the big monster. To your gun and start your mission!

Bomberman! Plant bombs and run away. Your goal is to find the door to the next stage by destroying the brick walls. But beware of the red enemies. They can be destroyed with bombs.

Duck Hunt. Hunting game with a dog that catches your dead ducks and laughs the hell out of you when you miss.

Super Mario! Go find your princess who has been kidnapped. Go through castles. Well who doesn't know mario....


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