No to Biometric

For those that have not been following the updates, there are dedicated people trying their best to save us from this violation of freedom and stop us from being products which will probably be sold to companies.

Important points discussed:

Elders are being forced to get this shit else they won't get pension.

Students won't be allowed to go abroad for studies until they get it.

There are manipulative people, putting fear among Mauritian people, that, if they don't take their new ID card, they will have a maximum of 5 years prison time and Rs100000 to pay.

No information has been given whether any member of the ruling party has given their fingerprints.

There was a previous case where the government was proven to be in illegality to store the fingerprints in a database, until the night before the going to court, they brought a simple paper declaring that it is now legal to do so and all the previous fingerprints collected should not be deemed as illegal.

There has been a conspiracy going on in the parliament. They [people amending and creating laws] gradually implement new laws or amended them over time, so that no one really knows the big picture, i.e., after all their desired laws have been implemented, then it will allow them to bypass laws which restricted them from taking our fingerprints.

Instead of fighting for our liberty, the opposition only planning to join hands with the ruling party. The minister of finance, who has our economy in his hands just went away to be the opposition leader. But the fault surely is by the people as they placed them in the parliament. The govt has encircled you in tax, now it will know where you are at every moment, with whom, via facial recognition.

Imagine tomorrow, your fingerprints are found on the scene of crime where you were not even present at that time. They take the fingerprints there. They track you down. And you have no alibi. You are fcuked.
Imagine your private data such as what you consume, where you buy your stuff, being sold to companies. The latter will manipulate you into buying more shit.
Imagine going to an event which is against the agenda of the government. They track you down via facial recognition system and mark you as blacklisted.

Know what you're getting into. It's not too late for those who have already given their freedom, i.e, their fingerprints away. Join us and legally we will make them change their agenda.


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