Michaela's Harte murder: Timeline

Let us see how the murder took place.

14:40, Jan 10 2011: Michaela left husband for hotel room at Grand Gaude.

14:40, Jan 10 2011: Michaela orders tea.

14:42, Jan 10 2011: Mystery Key card was used to access the suite 1025 (the couple's suite).

14:44, Jan 10 2011: Michaela enters suite.

15:15, Jan 10 2011: John, the husband, who had been waiting 15 minutes for the tea leaves after being delivered the tea and waiting for his wife.

15:26, Jan 10 2011: Bellboy came with the husband to open suite door. Michaela's Harte husband, John McAreavey discovered the body of her wonderful wife without life in the bath.
The same day Michaela's Harte husband, John McAreavey, was taken from the hotel by local authorities and detained for approximately 5 hours. He said he met Michaela for lunch following a golf lesson.

Post mortem: Dr Sudesh Kumar Gungadin who carried out the post mortem on Michaela Harte, said she died as a result of asphyxiation caused by compression to the neck.

Former Legends room attendant Treebhoowoon, 31, from Plaine des Roches, and floor supervisor Moneea, 42, from Petit Raffray, accused by police of the murder of Mrs McAreavey. 


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