Work abroad, make money and come back to Mauritius

Let's face it. Our rupee has no value in developed countries. You work 10 times more than the white collar in other countries, still you earn 50 times less than these people. Karma? No way! This is all a conspiracy. They are attracting you to work for them.

Why not try to work for them then? A software developer in Mauritius (a brilliant one) gets around Rs 550,000 per year. In America, he gets around 3 Million Mauritian Rupees per year! What the hell!! No wonder richest people in Mauritius are rarely here. Our country gives us nothing apart from a seaside full of tourist and prostitutes.

So many people are working abroad. I don't blame them. They cut off temporarily family ties. Why is our paradise country a hell...


  1. Don't know about the prostitutes, but the tourists are sure invading us. And with the IRS projects such as at Anahita, Bel Ombre or Albion, long stretches of coastline have become restricted areas for Mauritians.

    About the relative value of the rupee, I would say Rs3.million probably won't have the same purchasing power in U.S.A. as in Mauritius where with that sum you can buy a plot of land, build a house, get a complete set of furniture and buy a small car.

    On the other hand with 300 thousand Mauritian Rupees in Bangladesh you can buy a house, choose between a multitude of girls trying to catch your eyes, get married, build a house for your in-laws and be left with enough money to have lots of friends. That is, if I am to believe a Bangladeshi working under slavery conditions in our paradise

    1. I am aiming Mauritians. Well said about Bangladeshi though. On RadioPlus on Friday there was someone who claimed being warned NOT TO STAY ON THE MAURITIAN BEACH because it was close to a hotel. And the hotel had not limit line.


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