Using Fedex in Mauritius for export and why.

Sending documents by EMS was a problem for me. It took too much time the first time. But it was cheap. So I switched to FedEx. Though it costs more, its faster and has a superb tracking service. I'm a satisfied customer that's all.

Go to any Post office in Mauritius and tell them you need FedEx service.. The form is easy to fill in. Your name, sender's name, address, phone and so on.

You get a tracking number along with it. With this number, you can go to the website and enter the tracking number. It will tell you all the exact details of your parcel: it's pickup time, where is it at the moment, has it passed clearance, when will it arrive and so on.

Take a look below.

Also, it will tell you at what time the package will be delivered and if it's on schedule.


  1. Fedex / Rennel in Mauritius has the worst possible service... mistakes on several quotes, late replies or no replies at all.
    No one should recommend these guys for shipping.


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