Driving License Counterpart: First Day, Total Failure

I reached the Police Station at 0900. At 1100, I was still in the queue. I moved only by a few centimeters. With some rain and some breeze, I was still waiting to enter the building. The police officers were constantly telling that the system had blocked because too many people were entering at the same time the system.

So the company necessary for this was Leal which I later on learned through the press. It seems they did not do a simulation before finalising the product. I don't think that a responsible company would do such mistakes. They should have known the amount of workstations which would access the server. One police officer told that they were not expecting such a huge amount of people. What the hell dude? There was less than 100 people at the station I went. Even if there were 1000 persons per station, that should not have been a problem. There's around 26 police stations in Mauritius. Let's say around 78 people were accessing the server simultaneously. Is this a problem for such a huge company? Server overload?? The logical explanation a common man can come to is that they didn't plan it right. In kreole, "in cuit vider sa".


  1. I had gone after all alphabets have passed. I entered the police station with 3 girls sitting idle infront of their PCs. So i chose one, gave her my ID and License and also for my dad. In 1 min the job was done :)


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