Oral Driving Test in Mauritius - Learn the signs, roundabout(rond point) and everthing else.

This guide will help you pass your Oral Test. Made easy and fun for you to remember! The right answers are in bold red. Then there is the Roundabout theory (rond-point) at the bottom of this page. Online Test Simulator is at the bottom.

A. Disco Ahead
B. Traffic Lights Ahead
C. Stop
D. Pedestrian Crossing

A. Overtaking Allowed
B. No Parking
C. No Entry
D. No Waiting

A. No access to old people
B. Speed Limit is 80 km/h
C. Minimum Speed Limit is 80 km/h
D. Turn 80 degrees

A. Roundabout
B. Recycling Factory Ahead
C. Hospital
D. U-turn allowed

A. Holding of hands allowed
B. Children must be accompanied by an adult
C. Playground Ahead
D. School Ahead

A. Zorro ahead
B. Series of Bands
C. Dangerous Bath
D. Dangerous Driving Allowed

A. Poverty Area
B. Parking Zone
C. Pavement ahead
D. Prime Minister Lane

A. Major Road Ahead
B. Red Cross
C. Pharmacy
D. Plus sign

A. Beatles Crossing
B. Pedestrian Crossing
C. No Pedestrian Allowed
D. Jumping Party

A. T-Square ahead
B. T-shirt Factory
C. No through road
D. Hammer

A. Hump
B. Uneven road
C. Woman lying down ahead
D. Slippery Road

A. No parking
B. No waiting
C. No parking or waiting under any circumstances
D. Multiplication sign

A. One way
B. U-Turn allowed
C. Two-way Traffic
D. Speed Zone Ahead

A. Beware of Breakdowns
B. Drunk Driver
C. Uneven Road
D. Slippery Road

A. No Vuvuzela
B. No Horn
C. No traffic lights
D. Stop

A. Road Works Ahead
B. Men at Work
C. No umbrella allowed
D. Graveyard

A. Right Side Road
B. End of Road
C. Major Road ahead
D. Two-way Traffic

A. Cut someone in half
B. No Pedestrian
C. No walking
D. No waiting

A. Drive side-by-side
B. Race against other vehicle
C. No red cars allowed
D. Passing prohibited

A. Right Turns permitted
B. Right Hand Curve
C. Left Hand Curve
D. Bend your back


Well, as its name suggests, roundabouts are round! It guides you in choosing a lane. There is NO overtaking while doing a roundabout. You CANNOT change lanes while doing a roundabout. Don't forget to put your flasher though.

Below is a graphic of a roundabout. The Red circles are all the possible routes that you can take. You can take only one route.

Take a look at the graphic below:

 So, if you want to go to Curepipe, you must take the route in Blue.

Now, if we want to go to Port-Louis:

To go to Port-Louis, follow the route in Green.

Now, to go to Flacq:

To go to Flacq, follow route in Yellow.



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