Your Horoscope of the Day

"If I tell you I've seen your future and that you will soon die. Will you be scared? And if I tell you I can stop your death will you do anything possible to stop it? Of course you will! You're a fool." 

Now what the heck is this post? It's for some people who actually have faith or believe in Astrology/Horoscope.

Astrology is false, unreal. So many people claim to predict your future, so many websites, everyday on every newspaper. Have you seen the clash between each of them? Astrology is the first step towards the occult, i.e. 'longanist'. By the way I call every person who read hands and so on longanist because it's actually what they are.

Why it's false? Why is it even true I ask you. They tell you your lucky colour, time, day. Oh hell they could even tell you the appropriate time to shit! And you would still believe them.

No one can predict the future. Even meteorologists cannot. They call it 'previsions'. Anyone could do a prevision. I make one right now. You will eat in the next few hours or you will pass an exam if you study hard. See where am going?

I find it strange and foolish that people who believe in GOD believe in astrologers. I see so many signs, boards, on every corner of the street. Some even do predictions via email! Hahaha!

Don't let these people steal your money, your joy. Come on...if they could predict something I would be the first person to place them in the place of God. Read good books. Read Light of Truth if you can't read the Vedas. You will know your future.

You are the only person who can predict your future and change it. 


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