Problems with Driving Schools

If you've ever been to a driving school in Port-Louis then you'll approve what I say.

They are not punctual. They make you wait for hours. And they preach good discipline! After you have waited for hours, they pick you up. To your great surprise you find other people in the car waiting for their turn. You realise you still have hours to wait.

If you are a woman/girl then the male instructor will talk as honey with you. If you're a male with a male instructor already know how they talk.

Some of the instructors charge students an Entry Fee! My first instructor asked me Rs1200 entry fee. I ditched him right away. I went too another instructor. He did not ask for any Entry Free whatsoever. I guess the first one was greedy, and corrupt.

Many times people have told me that their instructor supposedly said they have contacts in Caserne. Just give them some money and you pass the test despite your errors. I wonder if people who have given bribe are at peace when driving, because they know they are not fit to drive.


  1. Unfortunately, driving schools have become a business. Un business qui rapporte gros.

    Entry fees have somewhat become something normal nowadays. I don't really understand the reason behind. Fortunately, at the time I learned driving, I did not have to pay for it. (I'm not old btw! lol).

    Having "contactes" as you said is just BS. I dont think that the police officers there would take the risk of accepting bribes, not anymore. However, just like everywhere else, there are still some exceptions.

    Good luck with your driving lessons dear.

    1. Thank you. They tell me I have to control myself before controlling a car xD

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