Involuntary Manslaughter at Sept Cascades

The Privates Louis Sylvestre Nanon and Nitish Kumar Binda have been victims of drowning at Sept Cascades, Henrietta recently. They were under training.

But little did they know that this would be a life-costing training. Witnesses have condemned the trainer Sookur for involuntary manslaughter.

This is the summary of what happened: The 2 trainees had just finished ascension of the first 4 waterfalls (there is a total of 7). Anyone would have been tired after this.

The trainer ordered them to remove their tops and combat boots, swim across the pond (which is by the way extremely cold and dangerous) and return to shore.

Both men were married. One was going to be a father soon. The families want justice.

The GIPM tried to cover up the case. But it's due to the testimony of a trainee that the truth has been uncovered. The case is still going on.

A GIPM member testified that some trainers are cruel.

Well, I hope these families get justice.


  1. At first, I really said : "They had perhaps a bad fate that day."
    But as the inquiry progressed, I have the impression that the guys were pushed to their limits, despite being only newly assigned to this special group. Well, they are supposed to get the toughest training to be among the best but they should have been properly equipped with adequate logistics behind.

    Lets see....

  2. According to official sources, Sylvestre Nanon who was sitting on a rock near the lake took off his shoes and then lost his balance when he got up, falling in the lake

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    2. Nitish Binda, his colleague who is also a life guard, finding Nanon in difficulty, jumped to his rescue but got into difficulty himself

    3. why Lieut.Sookur has been under the spotlight? Something's wrong.


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