Old Style Wood Cooking in Mauritius

This is the most primitive form of cooking. And I like it very much. I never miss an occasion to cook this way. Whether it's during a prayer or even a 'grillade'. On the left you can see an old picture of me blowing into the phookni. It's just a hollow metal pipe to increase la faya! (the fire lol).

It also keeps me warm. Sometimes I put my ravanne over the fire and boom boom during the night.

Here you can see a well lit flame. The thing that's placed on the 2 concrete blocks is called a Tawa. Usually you cook Roti, Dholl Puri, Farata, Crepe on it. And believe me the taste is absolutely fabulous!

Have you ever seen this in Mauritius? I recently discovered this. During a grillade party me and a cousin boiled tea on burning coal!

This is the usual Deksi with Briani cooking in it. It's fun to watch though.


  1. In this modern world we are distancing from the 'old ways' of cooking. Living here, I have seen it, but my family does not cook this way anymore.
    Thanks for your nice comment on my blog!


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