Diego Garcia attacking Iran

The U.S have been negotiating with U.K to attack IRAN. But the UK has refused that there is no threat yet. But what is the scale to determine if IRAN posses a threat?

It will not take much time to make the UK accept this. George Bush has visited Diego Garcia so many times in the past. There is so much connection and pictures to prove this.

The UK, however, has assumed that it would only become involved once a conflict had already begun, and has been reluctant to commit overt support to Washington in the buildup to any military action.

 The U.S. has repeatedly threatened to attack Iran, making such threats over the past 30 years, and is faced with intense pressure from the Israeli government to launch such an attack soon.

In November and December this case shall be continued. 

The U.S can create a tremendous pressure on the UK. SO WAR IS NOT AN IMPOSSIBLE SCENARIO. 



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