Our Call centers full of crap!

I'll be direct again: Call Centers here are crap. I've worked in one for some weeks. It was in Port-Louis. Here's what I observed.

They tell you your basic salary is Rs10000. BUT!! After a month of working you get Rs2000. After 2 months it's still the same. They tell you you're still training.

Everytime I took a break to use the bathroom there were shocking scenes. A trainer was romancing with a girl. I hope you know what I mean by romancing...not with flowers and candles! Promotion is confirmed for this girl.

You start in the morning till 22Hrs. You get 2 breaks: 20 minutes each. What the heck! Where is work safety? You must not fix a computer screen for more than 45 minutes else your eyes will be drastically affected.

Each time you get to work you use a different headphone/microphone which another person has used. It's like they are indirectly telling you "we don't care for your health". Besides, there are many broken ones which you have to fix.

I was assigned to get clients for a French company. I got clients everyday while experienced workers couldn't get a client. I guess they had no choice apart from bending. The nature of the work is immoral. You phone people who talk negatively with you and you must try to sell your product. I understand the people though being pestered everyday by telemarketers.


  1. Hello.
    I'm sorry on hearing this experience of yours. Can you please mail me the name of the company (not here, but rather by a mail at yashvin[at]awootar[dot]com.
    Why? I will tell you by mail.

    Thank you.


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