Fate of Mauritius

What will our country become in 20 years or less? Surely, a little India (isn't it already one?) including the corruption, terrorism, ignorance, which already prevails in Mauritius behind the scenes. When drug importers will face pressure in the business by competitors, we'll know bloody gang wars as in South Africa.

Apartheid system will rise: Local people on a side, emigrants on another. Your only family will be money. It will guarantee your safety. The future generation will know less or nothing about sharing, donation, spirituality.

Having taken too much from other nations, we will have a national debt so much that we will be forced to trade our lands. Secret societies will compete for labour.

Common people life's will resume to this: Wake up, breakfast, work, home, legal prostitution, legal drugs, gambling, depression, sleep.
Will marriage as in institution still exist? This all depends what will be the goal of the institution. Goals of marriage at present have already changed. For fame, status, wealth, comfort, caste.

Beaches will be almost gone. The remaining available only to super rich families and tourists.

In the middle of chaos, rebellion will rise in the minds of awakened ones. The enemy closer to them, it will be easy to watch and change.


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