Emtel, Orange, Bharat. A comparison of Price and Service.

A detailed look at the price, service, facilities of these 3 companies. After reading this you will probably want to try a new I.S.P (internet service provider).

Orange Bharat
Rs 3800
Rs 1499
Rs 1219
Unlimited Download/Upload
Unlimited Download/Upload
Unlimited Download/Upload
No TV Channels
TV Channels included
TV Channels included

Bharat seems to be nice. But don't know how long it will take to cover most areas. I'm trying to get feedback from Bharat users. Will update soon.

Most of us currently use Orange. And many of us are thinking to switch to a better I.S.P. Rs 1219 is expensive but not more than the other prices. Internet is still a new thing to people investing in Mauritius. The more competition we have the better will be our connection. Atleast I hope we can watch Youtube without having to pause every minute.

People who have stayed abroad always complain about the internet here.

Do you remember Telco and 3121212? Lol... I wonder if the new generation will ever know about this. I still have a 56kbps modem on my laptop. Precautions my friends.

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