What do mauritians search for on the internet

Well well, I'm invading your not so private life for some moments. I put my hands on my stomach preparing to have a good laugh at you. I've inserted keywords in some of my posts which are irrelevant but it appears to get me some nice traffic (oh naughty me!). Let's take a look what our Mauritian people do on the net.

Someone searched for bangladeshi girl working in mauritius ... As far as I know, you just have to go on the streets to meet one. I don't think our bangladeshi workers here have internet connection!

Someone searched for dholl puri sex ... oh my God what could someone possibly expect to find on google by searching for that!? Having sex while eating a dholl puri? Or having sex with a dholl puri?? Lol! I let your imagination do the work. Hope the person does not put piment xD

An interesting search was in mauritius people do not feel secure ... Do you feel secure? Oh me yes. With our police serving us with all their heart, with our politicians working for our benefit, with local people giving each other a sweet glare, why shouldn't I feel secure damn it!!!

These were some of the things our people search for. Will surely update it as I believe we can surpass our limit.

The usual thing our people search for are mp3s, torrent, porn, blablabla............... If anything is in soft copy then we have it in our hard drive. And when we can't find a sega in mp3 format we just convert from youtube. What can we do...? We don't have the guts to buy a sega cd. Or most of the time we don't know where to find that cd. No marketing.

What do YOU search for?


  1. Sometimes Mauritian search for weird things. But fortunately for me, people using fall onto my blog while googling meaninful things. I tried looking into the stats but could not find any nonsense search terms.

    1. But what do YOU search for? (if you ever search because there's everything on your blog xD)

    2. I do search loads of things before actually writing a blog post. It's like filtering seach results and writing something which will be more helpful and meaninful when other people come to my blog.

      And I do intensive google searching when I do assignments :P

  2. I've seen some bizarre things that mauritians search for too. I can't remember from the top of my head just now but when I have time to check the searches made on Clever Dodo, I'll get back to you. I'm sure I've seen some weird things and I was really surprised, lol


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