Beware of [some] Pandits and Spiritual Masters and Imam!

Since childhood we have been made aware that pandits are the key to connect to God during a prayer. It is them that bridges that gap to our ignorance. A paṇḍit (Hindi; Devanagari: पण्डित; Bengali: পন্ডিত, Sanskrit: paṇḍita) is a scholar, a teacher, particularly one skilled in Sanskrit language, mastered vedic scriptures in the four vedas,

But recently in the news, there is an increase in, may I call, 'ignorant pandits' or 'evil pandits'. It is these pandits that give all other pandits a bad name. They take serious money from the yajman(the person organising the prayer), they consume alcohol and meat. Not only that, but now you can see some pandits being accused of rape, incest and so on. I don't want to cite names just google it. In my locality, there was a pandit accused of raping a child who was his own student. What a shame. And also, an Aya who was involved in adultery. It is these type of persons who bring disgrace to the whole Hindu community. I know some pandits who are crystal clear. May them serve as examples.

Concerning Spiritual Masters, this is even worse. You remember a spiritual master in Mauritius having invented the REBIRTH THERAPY? He also did on several occasions sessions at the Gymkhana and throughout Mauritius. I even bought all his books and DVDs (damn!). He admitted brainwashing female devotees into having sex with him. His reason? He was Krishna (lol!). 

Recently on the press there's been a case of an Imam having illicit transactions in the Prison. He apparently acted as a good citizen.

My message to you all is to consult several people before going to a pandit or spiritual master for guidance. Ensure that the latter is clean, has a good character, does not take lots of money, is not involved in adultery and does not consume meat and alcohol. After all, if one has any of these characteristics mentioned above then one is not deemed to be called a pandit or spiritual master.


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