Leave school, become a marchand dholpuri and get rich

While ex-students strive day and night to make both ends meet, some school dropouts become rich by selling dholpuri. I love dholpuri. The marchand dhopuri have admitted having a minimum income of Rs.60,000 per month. Just see their properties and you will agree. Even shopkeepers have big cars which ex-students can't afford to have (you and your second hand reconditioned car!)

They tell us to get a good education and we will be successful. What is the salary of a doctor? Rs19,500 per month.

You have to wait so many years to get your duty free and get a car.

How much money can certificates get you? I say, we have been brainwashed into believing that certificates are the key to success. Only few have the real opportunities to have a job of Rs50,000 with their certificate. So many courses in our universities and most of them can't get you a decent salary.

Parents tell you that no one can take your certificates, they are 'golden', immortal. Even society ditches you if you don't have certificates. But is this the same for people with no certificates but who have money? I think you already know the answer.

If a teacher's salary was decent, then teachers wouldn't need to give private tuition. Everything  is wrong in this society. The demons have taken all over o_0.

You can't be successful without certificates? Totally wrong? Check out Facebook founder. Check out Apple founder. None of them have degrees. They are drop outs. You better think again.


  1. You are right. I personally know some of those 'drop-outs'. :)

  2. a friend of mine is now an owner of two cybercafe, and he just have a mere hsc, he travels a lot abroad, has built his own house, has a bmw car and is not even 25yrs old yet, while i with my degree i still cannot find a freaking permanent job

  3. So what do you really suggest to all youngsters out there? Should they all try to start their own businesses? Or our country still needs people who have at least a degree?

    What is the motivating factor here?


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