Indian Experts concerning Soreze Accident is a joke

In response to the Accident at Soreze on 3.5.13 claiming 10 deaths, the government is 'importing' Indian 'Experts'.

Let us face some facts:
  • In India, 1,20,000 people die and 12,70,000 sustain serious injuries every year in Road Traffic Accidents. 

  • There is 1 death on the Indian Road every 6 minutes and by 2020 it will be 1 per 3!
  • India accounts for about 10% of road accident fatalities worldwide.

  • WHO: More people die in road accidents in India than anywhere else in the world.  
37 people die due to bus crashing
Mar 29, 2013: 9 killed in bus accident

Bus brakes fail and kill one: Driver reported absence of maintenance
7 February 2010: 22 killed in bus accident

These are just some! Now why would the government bring 'Experts' from a country that can't even look after its own buses? If these experts were really experts, India would be a pro-active country, not a reactive country. 

Is it because the buses on our roads are from India? Will the Indian Experts be partial or will they favour a report that continues to be biased?

Clearly, by bringing foreign help, the government has demonstrated that Mauritian Experts do not have the capabilities of reaching a conclusion by themselves. 
Then, if Mauritian experts cannot do a proper investigation, do you think the mechanics are fitted to maintain these buses? Or are Indian mechanics needed?? 


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