Orange Mauritius Fails

Who the hell is managing Orange? The employer is directly accountable for its employees.
Whenever there is an emergency, the communication blocks like a constipated belly. Such a small country and such big problems? How many people were actually calling, texting and using the website of 4 millions clicks per month! That's what they advertised.

3/5/2013 Accident happened. Orange website cannot broadcast radio live. Cannot call, cannot text. Handicapped. I don't see any Emtel users complaining. Even an elderly person had to call me on landline. She was panicked and said she couldn't get in touch with her children.

Have a look at the comments on Orange Mauritius Facebook and judge for yourself:

Summary of all these comments: All users are disappointed, angry.
None of them trust Orange and are considering to switch to another operator.
Many have noticed that there has been a growth in orange subscribers but nothing concrete has been done to accommodate the situations.
And this is not the first time happening.
Orange has also BLOCKED future comments. 


  1. You are not the only person who got blocked. I got blocked too. xD

    The retards can't accept negative comments against Orange. Once you write anything negative on the Orange Mauritius page on FB, you are blocked.

    1. Even am blocked!

      Supposedly fb is to socialize with people...but orange..pff! I already have the mtml freedom plan for txting bt nw am thinking to use the chilli sim card for calling..


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