Accident Soreze/Reduit 3/5/2013 Latest News

Image from TopFm
Bus from Vacoas (Express) going to Port-Louis
Brake failed - in less than 2 min the bus went off the road and crashed
10 dead confirmed till now
Driver Dead

Bus conductor advised passengers to go at back of bus because of brake failure.

Devesh Chinibas
Devesh Chinibas
Hu Juan Chan
Ameera Lallmohamed
Priya Ajodha
Sanjay Ajodha
Shakoontalah Ramdhaursingh
Kamla Devi Soobraydoo
Ruth Marimootoo 
Ganesh Deepchand
Delphine Pokun

Survivors: "The driver was a hero as well as the bus conductor."
Ganesh Deepchand
Devesh Chinibas
Devesh Chinibas
Devesh Chinibas


  1. This is a very sad event. My sympathy goes to all families who lost their loved ones.


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