4 easy steps to mix any song with a Mauritian Sega Beat

Virtual DJ: Mixing any song with a sega beat in 4 easy steps! A guide for dummies.
Step 1:
Load any song on the left deck and a sega beat on the right deck.

Step 2:
Click the SYNC button on the 2nd deck (sega beat).

 You will see that the BPM (beats per minute) has become the same as the song on the left deck.

Step 3:
Drag the red bar in the middle of the beat screen. This indicates where the beat will start after you press play on the 2nd deck. You can choose anywhere to start the sega beat.

Final step: Once the blue bar beat meets the red bar beat, press the play button on the second deck and the mixing starts!

Check out this sample I found on Youtube:


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