Police Complaints Act 2012 - an analysis of some of its stupidities

What is this act for? To provide for the setting up, within the National Human Rights Commission, of a Police Complaints Division for the investigation of complaints made against members of the Police Force, and for other related matter. 

Let us analyse part of it:

“police officer” –
(a) has the same meaning as in the Police Act;
(b) does not include the Commissioner of Police; 
(a) to investigate any complaint made
by any person, or on his behalf,
against any act, conduct or omission of a police officer in the performance of his duty, other than a complaint made in relation to an
 of corruption or a money laundering offence; 
Conclusion 1: The Commissioner of Police is free from this Act. It is logical that someone who
does not fall under an act cannot have the powers of the persons pointed out in that act. This places the Commissioner above the law. It's like creating a law that condemns only the worker
for an error, but not condemning the boss for an error.

Now check this:

(2) A person may refuse to answer any question, to provide any information, or to 
produce any article or
document, which would incriminate him. 
Conclusion 2: If you are a police officer, you can hide any proof of your guiltiness, burn
the documents,
erase the videos and so on...You will just get sentenced for damaging property that's all.


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