Conversation between a fool (non-vegetarian) and a Vegetarian

Fool (Non-veg): Were all people to live on non-flesh diet, lions and other carnivorous animals would multiply in such large number that they will kill all such useful animals as cows. Your attempt to prevent their slaughter would come to nothing.

Vegetarian: It is the business of the State to punish or even kill all those men and animals that are injurious (to the community).

Fool (Non-veg): Should their flesh, i.e., (of the animals thus killed) be thrown away?

Vegetarian: It would do no harm to the world whether it be thrown away, given to dogs or such other carnivorous animals, cremated or even eaten by some meat-eater. But is eaten by a man, it will tend to change his disposition and make him cruel.
The use of all such food and drinks as are obtained through injuring or killing others or through theft, dishonesty, breach of faith, fraud or hypocrisy is forbidden, in other words they all come under the heading of forbidden articles of diet; while the acquisition of foods and drink through righteous means without injuring or killing any living creature falls in the category of permissible articles, of diet. This also includes all those articles that give health and strength, destroy disease, promote intellectual power and energy and prolong life, such as rice, wheat, sugar, milk, butter, fruits, tubers and roots, when properly mixed in due proportion and cooked, and eaten in moderation at proper meal times. Abstinence from the use of all those things that do no agree with one's constitution and are apt to produce disease or other evil effects, and the use of those that are prescribed for one (by his medical attendant) also constitute adherence to what is called the permissible diet.

Fool (Non-veg): If the use of all kinds of leavings is forbidden, honey-the leaving of bees, milk-the leaving of calves, and one's own leavings-the food left after one has one morsel out of it-should also be forbidden.

Vegetarian: Honey comes under this description only nominally. It is really the essence of many a medicinal plant, hence it is acceptable. The calf can only drink the milk that comes out of the teats of its mother, but not what is inside. Therefore the milk, that is obtained by milking a cow after the calf has sucked it off the teats cannot be called leavings. But it is proper that the udder and teats should be carefully washed and cleansed with pure water after the calf has had its share, before the cow is milked, and the milking vessel should also be kept perfectly clean. One's own leavings can do no harm to oneself. Even nature clearly teaches us that it is wrong to eat another man's leavings. No one feels any great repugnance in touching secretions from one's one nose, mouth, ears and organs of reproduction, micturition and defecation, but one does so in the case of others. It proves, therefore, that this practice is not against the laws of nature. No one, therefore, should eat the leavings of or in the same dish with another.


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