The Second Greatest Book

What if you were given a book that contains light? A light that once it appears, drives away darkness from all sides, a light that never ends. Let me tell you about this book. It is called the LIGHT Of TRUTH (Satyarth Prakash). Translated by a doctor, it contains the words of one of the greatest reformer; SWAMI DAYANAND SARASWATI. Now wait. Just as you heard Swami you already came to the conclusion that it's full of religious stuff. I don't blame you. I was like that. This book was lying in my house for years covered with dust. This is just like your case. You have knowledge in front of you but cannot see it.

The circumstance made me read some pages (around 10). I was awakened. If 10 pages can contain so much knowledge, what will I become with 700+ pages? I made it a duty of acquire all of the knowledge in this book. And I succeeded. Let me tell you why I call it the Second Greatest Book.

Vedas are not available where I am. The books released on Vedas are corrupted. Writers often unaware of the light, write what they see, not what they perceive. The Light of Truth explains what the Vedas are really and how people misinterpret them.

This book replies answers of an awakened mind. Like, creation, annihilation, afterlife, God, religion, spirituality, way of life, society, economy, disasters, blind faith and false religion, idol worship, nutrition, life on other planets and so much more.

Imagine you have these answers with you. How it feels? I cannot describe. It's like I will be telling someone that never ate a laddoo how eating a laddoo feels.

Remember: this book is not a religious book. It is a book of Truth for anyone at anytime. Be prepared for the light.


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