Cannabis Sattiva v Mauritian Government

Cannabis? The drug that gives you a high and makes you a drug addict? NO. Cannabis Sattiva, the plant that nature has given us for our benefit.

There is Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sattiva.

Indica is taken as what we Mauritians call it, 'ganja' or 'charas'. To be brief it's bad and illegal.

Sattiva, is a variety of cannabis that is also illegal here. Sattiva cannot kill, does not give you a high and is useless as a recreational drug.
With Sattiva, all types of products can be made. It's also called HEMP.

You know about concrete? There is also the hempcrete. It's a building material 7 times stronger than concrete. It's made with cannabis sattiva. On the left is a picture of hempcrete.

On the right is a house built using hempcrete.

Down is clothing made with cannabis sattiva.

Why use hempcrete:

Strong and durable
Wall insulator, flooring and roofing, and it’s fire-proof, water-proof, and rot-proof as long as it’s above ground.

Hemp as Medicine

Did you know hemp oil cures cancer?

Now, why would a government ban such a product that would boost the economy, improve people's health, way of living and so on? Either they are so stupid that they can't see what's in front of them or either they are so business-minded (or evil?) so as to let the poor be poor, let the unhealthy die and make money from those that can afford high end medical technologies.

A reason why it's illegal might be because Mauritius is under the governance of laws that are foreign, i.e, the United States and U.K, where cannabis was first banned only recently. And as we have been told since the beginning of time that we Mauritians are poor, we must abide by foreign laws to get foreign help. Or it might be for a simple reason: Mauritius is not for Mauritians, but for...?

Just think, tomorrow, we can plant this, use this as a material for building our house. No more loans, no more importation, no more national debt. Imagine we use it as a medicine, no more costly treatments, a healthier community.  Imagine we use it as a fuel. No more importation of petrol, practically reduced pollution (or no pollution at all). Just imagine...


  1. nice. i'm big fan of cannabis now :P

    Heard cannabis indica is not addictive but instead it is the cigarette that people mix with it that makes it addictive

  2. With all due respect. You are wrong. Sativa gives a STRONG high! Much better than Indica! The Mauritian law is wrong also, because it made only indica illegal.

    Hemp from the same familly, but still a potent sativa is stronger than a potent indica, I dare anyone to prove me wrong.

    Marijuana in general DOES NOT provide physical addiction, your article lacks research. And yes, hemp can be used for a lot of things.

    A few pure sativa's are also very high in THC content.
    If we compare it with a wine, a sativa is the champagne of cannabis.
    Cannabis indica has higher CBD and lower THC levels than Cannabis sativa. This means marijuana from a pure Cannabis indica strain will produce a heavy, sleepy type of stone.
    Cannabis sativa has higher THC and lower CBD levels than Cannabis indica. This means marijuana from a pure sativa strain produces a cerebral, soaring type of high that is more energetic when compared to Cannabis indica.

    Research done :)

  4. join the campaign

  5. Medicinal... yes I totally agree. Be it Sativa or indica. So is Opium. So are numerous other substances that are in use in hospitals but illegal to procure without prescriptions. Just because you can make clothes out of something, or feed it to birds, doesn't mean that it should be legalized and the devastating effect that it has be ignored.

  6. Devastating effect???
    Please quote me one
    I personally used weed to study during my 5 years abroad. Best relaxant ever and its usage made me more of a critical thinker.
    Got two BSc and i am even keen to undertake any test to prove that i have not been mentally affected.
    Talking about addiction, i don't use of it anymore and i never went through any kind of drug therapy session to cure myself of any addiction. I had to stop overnight because of how expensive it is in Mauritius and i did it.
    For your information you cannot get an overdose of weed, for so doing one should smoke like a few dozen of kilos at once which is simply impossible. In truth smoking too much of weed would just put you asleep or make you hungry like a lion. I sincerely don't see any devastating effects in any of those two above mention .
    Today legalising weed in Mauritius would prevent our youth from killing themselves through the consumption of those synthetic stuffs or even prevent them from becoming a hard drug addict.
    REMEMBER God gifted us weed, its been here from the start and until now NOBODY in the world has been killed directly by its consumption compared unfortunately to so many of our brothers who died by the consumption of those synthetic drugs.
    Weed has not been legalised as yet since everyone can sow a few seed and reap kilos of weed so it is to the advantage of the ######t to sell it on the black market.
    The advantages of legalising weed would be astronomical to our economy in every possible way but we find that every week thousands of marijuana plants are being uprooted everywhere in mauritius while none of the raids conducted concluded in a massive amount of synthetic drug being busted. There is only one reason to it and if you are clever enough you shall understand as to why this is like such.
    In a nut shell, if you don't know of what you speak then you better shut it or smoke some and you might get the revelation my friend.
    No hard feelings
    Jah bless!!!


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