Infertility in Mauritius: Know and Solve

I wish this was the graph for crime in Mauritius. Unfortunately. It's the fertility rate. As per this entry gives a figure for the average number of children that would be born per woman if all women lived to the end of their childbearing years and bore children according to a given fertility rate at each age.

Both men and women are equally responsible for the fertility rate.

What are the causes for this in Mauritius? Let us analyse then talk about solutions.

It is impossible naturally to have such a decline in such a short period of time. So, the cause is man-made. 

♣ Marriages are conducted at a later age. How does this affect fertility rate? Ask the elders. The answer is, the body of a woman has a certain range of age in which reproduction is optimum. Reproducing after this optimum age drastically reduces chance of conceiving a live baby.

♣ Your genes can play a major role here. Check your family history to be on the safe side.

Lifestyle has changed drastically. Do you think you will be able to conceive a football team as your grandma did? There was no caesarian at that time. The elders were in full physical fitness in their youth due to manual work. Now most women and men sit all day long, sometimes in front of a computer, sometimes in front of a desk. Jogging won't help here. If you do not make the machine (your body) work, it will take rust.

Fluoridation makes you infertile. Have you noticed since introduction of fluoride fertility rate has declined? "The enhancing overload caused by fluorides represents a potential factor, having an impact on function of sperm, hence contributing to a growing infertility in the human population.” (Animal Reproduction Science, 2008). Have you researched whether Mauritius has fluoride in its tap water? You probably use toothpaste+fluoride, which is heavily bad for fertility. The effects — which have been observed in rats, mice, chickens, and rabbits — include: (1) decreases in testosterone levels; (2) reduced sperm motility; (3) altered sperm morphology; (4) reduced sperm quantity; (5) increased oxidative stress; (6) and reduced capacity to breed.

♣ Check your Diet. Animal protein (like red meat)  drastically reduce your chance of being fertile. If you consult historical archives, you will notice how infertility rose while at the same time meat consumption increased. A recent study out of the National Institutes of Health reported that a number of pesticides and environmental toxins are linked to male and female infertility. Even vegetables can make you infertile if they have chemicals, pesticides and so on. In Mauritius, there has been a greater use of insecticide, pesticide and so on. Remember DDT? It caused a high number of abnormalities in infants.

♣♣♣ The Proposed Solutions ♣♣♣

♣ Conceive at the optimum age to avoid infertility.

♣ Check your family history to detect and treat genetic abnormalities before it's too late.

♣ Lead a lifestyle that comprises of physical exercises which strengthen/keeps fit the reproductive organs. Be informed that, if you masturbate often, for males, your chance of being infertile increases. Practice yoga both men and women.

♣ Consume products free of fluoride. Fearing for your teeth? You can have perfectly good teeth without being exposed to fluoride. Go Herbal (don't just use any type of herbs now!). Also, use a fluoride filter.

 ♣ Ditch meat, ditch vegetables grown up with the aid of chemicals. Ditch all soft drinks. Eat more high fiber, low-glycemic foods -- like whole grains, vegetables, and some fruits. Don't overdo the ice-creams, milk and cheese.


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