How the deaths of Flood on 30/03/13 could have been avoided

Shit on this government. Shit on the freemasons.
Just by having put the Sirene System there would have been no deaths. Everyone would know that they would have to go in a safe place immediately. Where there are tornadoes there are these systems and lives are saved.

This simple prevention would have saved lives. It costs nothing. Shit on you government and opposition. I had already talked about this last year. It's time I go lor terrain kraz imper fess.


  1. I do not think deaths could have been avoided with such a system. People were still out and it suddently started raining cats and dogs... I was driving when it started pouring down, and I was at the Caudan Waterfront when people realized there was an important flood. While my friend was dying under the gate, I was trying to get on the motorway.
    What Mauritius needs is a better drain system and competent analysts in Vacoas!

    1. Yeah. If meteo had better equipment and personnel, if Sirene existed, they could have gave off the alarm. Deaths could be avoided. But still the drains would play a key role. All precautions should be taken.

  2. This was not natural but man made. research Chemtrails HAARP Weather Modification.


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