Dinner at a Night Shelter

It was a great night. I gave my contribution to visiting a night shelter (Abri de Nuit) managed by Caritas. Made some encounters and heard life stories.

Most of the people there had their lives devastated by drugs. They related how they lost everything; money, shelter, family, even their mind.
But what I'm happy is that they gave up their old life. One of them told me he was once admitted to Brown Sequard for dis-intoxication. And it's after that, that he managed to gain control over his life. Also, his health had improved to 50%.

Me and the club (Rotaract BBRH), served them 7 caris in occasion of the forthcoming Divali. Not to forget the Takkar. We cooked in a fun atmosphere. Nice people.

Here you can see the attendance I think. There's 27-28 person every night.

This is where they relax and read. There's 2 T.V in the front.

There was also a lot of fireworks after the dinner. Some exploded right on people's face. But it was fun! Lol...

The club then gave sweets and gifts to all of the people.


  1. Sounds fun. If I knew, I would have come to help too :)

    Keep on the good work!

    1. I'll surely let you know of my other plans :)


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