How your child discovers pornography and how to stop it

There has to be a source, a place where the child gets the knowledge of 'sex is pleasure', 'kissing is pleasure'.

It all starts with a kiss. It can be anything in a cartoon. Hero and heroine kiss. The scene of seeing their role models in pleasure while doing an act, will give the child, logically, the want to do the same thing. Monkey see, monkey do!

I was talking to a little niece the other day. She started talking about her favourite shows and so on. At one time she said, "you know I've seen in this film that the boy and girl kiss". The surprising part is that she was happy. And it all happened on a channel for children.

Worse, I've seen children of primary school having pornographic content on their mobile. What will they become?
The evil social media has made sex a form of instant pleasure gratification.

No child has to pass through this stage. It's a sin. It's a crime to broadcast these programmes. They must be made aware that sexual acts are for specific purpose, inside the marriage institution. One night stands are disgusting. Once you take this drug, it's quasi impossible to be free from its consumption.

As a future parent, you now know how to deal with this matter. Don't make it a taboo like your parents did.

If having sex was something that God allowed to always have, then no disease would have been had. On the contrary, thinking doesn't cause any disease. So make use of your brain (not the bottom one for guys!).


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