My letter to the Mauritius Post

I had a very disappointing encounter at the Mauritius Post of Port Louis recently. To sum up things, here is the email I sent to the complaints department:

I’ll be straight. Yesterday, 19/11/2012, I was in Post Office of Port-Louis (La Gare Victoria) around 11.30. I asked if I could use the printer and they told me to wait as there was already someone. Actually, only one computer can be used to print among all these computers.
Secondly, after the wait was over, I had to look where to put my pen drive because the computer seems to be old. New computers have USB slots on the front not at the back.
When the print was over, I realised all my pages were clearly unusable because the ink was over. There were 3 ladies. One of them told me to pay for these pages, which is absolutely ridiculous.
When I refused to pay, they told me to wait because they are bringing a new toner. I waited for 10min. When one of the ladies brought it, she did not know how to install it. I had to go elsewhere.
It is clear that the workers there are incompetent and lack the know-how to be working at the Mauritius Post. And also the hardware is out of date. I would also like to point out that 90% of computer users have the Windows OS. So it is strange to find that the OS in all Mauritius Post is not the same.
Please remedy to these situations."


  1. You should read this one:

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  3. ya i agree coz mauritius post is really controlled wiz a bad management;the hr is corrupted

    1. ICTA now requires all mobile phones to be accompanied by full specs and be 'certified' before entering in Mauritius.
      What a hassle for tourists.Do you think the tourist will foresake his phone at the Airport? Better for him to return to his country.Mauritius progressing backward.


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