Parti Malin - The Leader

I met him! Hehe... He's the only politician that I don't get the bad aura from. I've been around like, a lot of politicians and I always sense their bad vibes. But this guy, Dhanrajsingh Aubeeluck, is not like them. I will never write anything good about politicians apart from my idol S.S.R.

Most people know him for funny acts. But behind these acts there is a person of ideas and a rebel.
How many of you will shout out the bad of the government? How many of you can do what he does? Huh.. Mauritians...always criticising others while they themselves are worthy of critics.

If I ever decide to vote again, I will be in his favour again. You've lost my vote big stupid parties!

He's a common man like us. He's not the son of an arrogant minister who's son is 2 times more arrogant. He does not wear a mask. He does not has 2 personalities. That's what I expect from a man wanting to make a change. 


  1. not to forget that politicians laugh at him a lot and campaign against his 'stupidity' n then use his ideas...munafeekeen(hypocrites in arabic...seems more satisfying saying it in arabic :p)

    1. Indeed, they used his idea of free laptop.


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