Has the political struggle of M.K. Gandhi made him a figure of a true soul in India?

The soul of India’s independence is M.K. Gandhi. He was one of the most important personalities who had been able to decolonize this country without any bloodshed. On account of this he deserved several praises.

Martin Luther King Junior considered Gandhi as a figure of a true soul and the apostle of non-violence in India. In the words of the great scientist Sir Albert Einstein, Gandhi was praised in the following words:

            “Generations to come will scarcely believe that such a man in flesh and blood ever walked on the Earth.”

Politics according to Gandhi was not a competition in which people can win and loose. In fact, Gandhi had always used politics for the welfare of this fellow-beings. He had even merged politics with religion in order to help his people live in a country which was already invaded by colonial rule. On account of this, Gandhi was called a politician among the saints and a saint among politicians.

During that time, there were occasional civil disobedience in India. Had Gandhi not used politics, he would have never been able to stop civil disobedience in India. As a result his politics was to infuse the spirit of Satyagraha in the minds of his people in order to stop them from revolting against the British. This shows that Gandhi had used a non-violent politics so that his people are not victimizes by civil disobedience or civil wars.

Even in South Africa, Gandhi has used a different type of politics. Consequently, Gandhi made a struggle in order to save the blacks from the rigid policy of racial discrimination, Apartheid. Thus, like several politicians, Gandhi was sentenced to jail but he was sincere in his struggle as a true divine politician. Gandhi had used politics in South Africa in order to eradicate the spirit of discrimination between the whites and the blacks.

Several times, when Gandhi would stand on the platform with the microphone in his hand, his messages were meant for the welfare of the Indians. Gandhi had never used politics in order to earn the votes of the masses for his own name and fame. Most of the time he used politics so as to infuse the lofty teachings of Hinduism to the masses. Hence, religion with politics without religion is nothing.

In most of the struggle of M.K. Gandhi, he seemed to have used politics. Even fasting can be considered as a political technique in order to give the Indians their rights in society. This is why Gandhi had always preferred to fast rather than resorting to civil disobedience. This means that he had used politics in a very fruitful way.

On several occasions, Gandhi made appeals with the British government to give the Indians their rights in their country. Unfortunately, the appeals of Gandhi were not all recognized by the British. As a result, Gandhi had to make use of politics in order to accomplish the wish of the Indians. His politics was completely devoid of violence. He had even assembled thousands of his followers for the salt march so as to break the monopoly of salt which was in the hands of the British. Therefore, Gandhi had always used the positive aspects of politics.

Therefore, as the soul of India’s independence the politics of Gandhi should be an inspiration to several leaders and politicians in this world. It can be said that Gandhi had preached humanitarian politics for the welfare of his people. It is somehow very difficult to believe how Gandhi had achieved the independence of his country without any arm or weapon. In fact, the magical instrument that Gandhi used for independence was his politics.


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