The Ultimate Karma Guide - Why does karma exist? What is karma? Who created it? Where is it?

Why does karma exist? What is karma? Who created it? Where is it?

Rethink your definition. There is positive karma, and negative karma.

Karma is not magic. Nor is it a punishment given by an invisible man watching you from above. I will not quote any religion because karma knows no religion.

Someone who performs an action is called a karmendriya. Let's just call this person a karma-doer. Everyone alive is a karma-doer. Let's start from the basis that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Let's prove it. A corrupt politician is bribed. Another person who's affected by this bribe also becomes corrupt. Another person becomes a rebel because of this corruption. You see, there has been an equal and an opposite reaction.

Does karma mean 'action done' or 'action to be done'? Well, think about karma as a glass of water. 'Action done' means you drink all of this water. 'Action to be done' means you drink half of this water. Why this? Did you know your thoughts (action of thinking) are only energy and nothing else? Meaning, thinking gives you half of this karma. Explanation follows. To know where is karma stored, we need to know what is karma really. Is it tangible? It's as tangible as oxygen. It does not have the properties of oxygen (such as atomic number and so on). Karma is materially present. It's not the usual material you can play with in laboratories. Can you see energy? Most of you cannot see energy! But many of us can see them. It's not a magic, I'll explain how to see it later, just finish understanding karma. So yes, karma is a material present around you wherever you go, on whatever 3rd dimension reality you are, presently the Earth.

Hurt and you acquire bad energy, help and you acquire good energy. That's all what karma is about. But how does this energy come to you? Does someone inject this into you? No. Polarity. It means negative or positive. There is an unbroken rule in karma physics. Positive attracts positive, negative attracts negative. A handsome man will get a beautiful lady (please forget about money-minded ladies for a moment). Ok this example is fuzzy but you know what I mean. You are always told to think positive. Well, as thoughts are energy, and positive attracts positive in the energy world, you will attract positive energy.

How is karma or negative energy created and stored? Energy cannot be formed. It's already present. It is only transformed or changed. You have energy all around your body and inside your body. Your mind is the instrument which transforms the energy. When you think of doing something positive then neutral energy is transformed into positive energy but you acquire only half of it. When you do the good action you get all of the karma.

The ultimate question is WHY DOES KARMA EXIST? You can only understand the feeling why karma exist. Let me tell you why is exists. Imagine you have 2 children. One of them is a bad brat and causes harm to the other. You would punish the bad brat. But would you want to kill him or put his existence to an end? No. You would just want the bad brat to understand that being bad to the other causes harm. The universe makes us understand that an action causes harm by putting us in the same situation of the one that we have hurt. That is the purpose of karma! Karma also goes to the next birth because existence does not end with the death of the body. Karma passes along with the soul.


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