Get this job interview with your CV/Résumé

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You can have the qualifications required for the job you're applying. But why should they choose YOU among the hundreds or thousands others? You have no chance of being noticed if you've got a badly drafted CV/Résumé.

CV and Résumé are now becoming merged. Meaning you put both your qualifications and experience on the same paper.

Let me show you the FORMAT GUIDELINES first.
This is for a traditional paper.

Page Length – 1 to 2 pages
Font Tahoma, Arial, Times New Roman, or Verdana
Font Size – 10 to 12 points
Font Styles – bold, italics, & capitalization to highlight key areas
Paper Color – white, light gray or ivory 
 What to put:
nName and address
nContact Details
nCareer Objectives
nEducational Qualification
nAwards (if you have any)
nSkillsets and personal attributes
nExperiences / employment history
nVoluntary work (if you have done any)
nExtracurricular activities, interests and hobbies

In 3 to 5 sentences, mention your capabilities and unique experience, with an emphasis on results. Remember: never start with “I”.


Most Recent Job Title, Employer City
(Month Year to Month Year)
Your position in the company. If the company is not well known, put a brief description of it.
  •   Put figures of your accomplishment. For instance: accomplished 100% of work assigned in lesser time
  •    If you have been a leader, demonstrate how you have achieved goals and solutions.
  •    Try to impress, but do not overdo it.

Previous Job Title, Employer City
(Month Year to Month Year)
  •  Put a clear and concise summary.
  •  Put the impressive tasks you’ve done. Do not put petty ones.

Earlier Job Title, Employer City, State
(Month Year to Month Year)
  •  Your earlier job requires less information. Notice how the bullets have decreased from the Most Recent Job to Earlier Job Title. This is important.


MSc Engineering, University (Most recent degree goes on top)
Bsc, College, 2014
  •  GPA only if it is above 3.5, Honors Received
  •   Leadership roles and impressive recognition


  •   Something unique about you that was required in your previous jobs.
  •  (Note: If you’re in a technology field, this section should appear at the top under professional summary.)


  •  Professional memberships and volunteer work show your commitment to your industry and community. Mention leadership positions and briefly note relevant achievements.
  •    This is especially valuable for recent grads and career changers to demonstrate that you're making an effort to establish yourself in a new field.


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